The Daisy

The Daisy
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old Friends. Fun Times!

On our trip back to California we were able to stop in Phoenix Arizona and visit some friends and cousins I haven't seen in a very long time! It was wonderful seeing them. I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me when we visited my cousin Brad and his family. It was great to see them, more like meet them again since I was very little! He has a beautiful family and my children loved playing with them! While staying with my good friends Jason and Christen we went swimming. I got to get my baby fill with sweet little Ashley! Thanks guys for letting us come visit! We have to do it again soon!!
Little Jason and Ian were only 18 months old the last time we really got to see each other, but they fell right back into being great buddies very quickly!
Jason and Ashley
Christen and Ashley. So pretty!
Sweetest jump Contest!
The water in Arizona was like bath water! It's great!! The air was actually cooler then the water on this day! Rowan are you cold?

Again, who has the sweetest dive? They had such a good time together! It was great!
Hey Mom! Watch me!
Ashley was such a sweet little girl! She was so chill and let me cuddle her! I loved it!!
Best Buddies for LIFE!

Our visit to the Barney Farm!

Visiting Jeff's mom and dad proved to be a fun as always. We got to feed cows and pigs and see cousins and eat yummy food! Thanks again Bevan and Kathy for putting us up!
Hannah and Hunter
Cool Cousins! Ian and Parker
Kendall and Hunter have always been the quieter ones so this time around it was great to see them jumping around and playing with me and the kids!
It was so much fun seeing James and the kids. Only wish Kristen and Taylor could have been there too! The kids are growing up so fast! Jaden and James..
Me trying to snap a picture and get back inside before getting soaked by the boys! They kept trying to get me to come out so they could spray me! BUT I proved to be faster then them and remained dry! I still got it!!
This sweet child of mine wants a kitty or a puppy so bad! She loved playing with these babies! Thanks Kristen and James!
Rowan and Hannah got a hold of the camera. I love seeing through their eyes!

This is his Serious Tractor Driven Farmer Look..
Sitting and relaxing after getting the morning chores (feeding the cows) done. Rowan being cheesy! We love seeing Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Bevan, Nana, and the cows!

Of course you have to get pictures of the cows when you're at the Barney Farm!
I love how gentle and sweet their eyes always look.

Usually the cows are a bit more reserved and don't allow the kids to get this close to them. However this one came right up to Hannah and loved having her pet her.

Grandpa Bevan had us feed this one a favorite treat! The trick was to get the fruit into his mouth without getting your hand pulled in as well! We had a good time laughing.
Trying not to let it's long slimy tongue get her!

These calves were very friendly as well. Rowan had fun feeding and petting them.

Petting the pigs! The babies are always so sweet and cute. Sadly the grown up pigs are not so sweet and cute. In fact they're really kinda smelly and have very course hair. Lol.
Farmer Ian

White Sands National Park

White Sands is as close to a "beach" as New Mexico will ever get. But I must say it is a lot of fun! Going there when I was in college was quite the experience. Especially when we would go on a Full Moon night. The sand just glows! While driving from my parents home in Roswell to Las Cruces I was hoping there would be just enough of the sand on the highway side of the fence so that I could show my kiddos, but not wanting to spend a long time there. We were lucky enough to see that the sands had shifted not only a little but a lot. Enough to cover the fence! So we stopped and played for a few minutes. But man it was hot and soooo bright!

Trying to keep our eyes open against the glaring sun!
The Ocean has got to be here somewhere!!
Couldn't keep my eyes open!

This is the fence, keeping us law breakers out. sigh.... I promise I do teach my kids to obey the law! We stayed right by the fence!
Next time we'll go in and get disks to slide down the dunes! The kids loved it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Olson Family Reunion July 2010

So this past July we (the kids and Mommy) drove to NM for my side of the family reunion. It was such a pleasure seeing everyone and how much all the kids had grown. Our kids fell right in where they left off the last time they had seen their cousins and just had the time of their lives!
Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting it this year! I know your house was crowded with all of us but we really enjoyed it!
~Rowan, Grace, and Justin trying to finish dinner!~
~ Hannah and Caleb~
There was plenty for us to do all together. One day we packed up and drove up to Bottomless Lakes near Roswell, NM. When I was growing up, this lake STANK! But thank heavens they've done quite a bit to clean it up and make it a fun place to be!
~Addy and Jessi~

This little car floaty is baby Addy's but all the little kids and some of the older ones still managed to squeeze themselves into it! Thank goodness Aunt Jessi and Uncle Josh and of course Addy didn't mind too much!

Hannah trying to warm up. Honey it's NM you shouldn't be cold! Lol.

Yeah the water wasn't the clearest. You try not to think about what's swimming under us!
Another day we drove up to Ruidoso, NM and played at an outdoor fun place and then spent the evening at The Flying J Ranch. We were able to pan for gold, shoot guns, ride a horse, watch a shoot out, and eat a good ol' chuck wagon dinner while watching a band. Good times!

I knew it!!

Ian and Caleb after trying their talent at shooting guns!
Ready.. Aim... Fire!
Rowan actually found quite a few pieces of "gold". Probably cause mom was helping him. :)

Water Bumper Boats! Nobody told us they were gonna get soaked!! Lol, we had to go to Walmart afterwards to get dry clothes for the kids so they didn't freeze at the Flying J Ranch! Next time we'll be ready!
Hannah certainly was able to hold her own!
~Uncle Josh, Rowan, Justin, Kaeli, Kayden~

~Rowan, Uncle Josh, Justin, Uncle Jeff, Grace, and Hannah~
Ian was usually right in the middle of getting sprayed or spraying someone else!
Justin, Rowan, Caleb, Grace, Hannah watching the grown ups race cars!

~Dawn, Mom, Doug~

~Dad and Kandi (and little Justin in the background)~
We all participated in a Maze. Which turned out to be fairly difficult, but because our family is so smart, we all finished in record time!
Trying to help out! Trying being the key word! lol.
Hannah driving. Yikes!
Rowan too! He actually was very careful while driving. It was really cute to watch.
~Rowan and Justin acting like themselves! Love it!~

~Grace and Hannah, and Jewels (who did not have to walk anywhere because these two didn't want her to get tired.)
Rowan just got a new pair of goggles and had to try them out, in his sleep!

I had time to finish my tutu's! Here was the first one. I ended up making four! So fun!